3 Tips For Saving Money

We spend huge amounts of money on advertising on Google and Facebook every year, accounting for nearly 30% of our entire revenue. This results in us simply not having enough profits to better serve our customers.

So, we were thinking, what if we used this money to invest in our customers?

Benefiting customers is the most valuable investment, isn't it? 

So we thought we'd give it a try!


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Sign Up as our Member

After registering as our member, the more labels you order on our website, the higher your membership level, and the higher the membership discount you can enjoy.

  • Basic: Sign up to get $10 off

  • Bronze: 5% off on all orders

  • Silver: 8% off on all orders

  • Gold: 12% off on all orders

  • Platinum: 15% off on all orders

  • Diamond: 18% off on all orders


Refer a friend

If you refer customers to us, you will earn the following great benefits.

  • 25% commission on 1st order

  • 15% lifetime commissions on all future orders

  • We already have customers earn over $10,000 in commissions from us.


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Share On Social Media

Share image and text posts to win 15% off

  • Put our transfer labels/stickers on your products and take 4 photos.

  • Post these 4 photos and your usage experience to Facebook or Instagram.

  • @Our official account 

    - FB: @unikportrait

    - Instagram: @unikportriat_official

Share video posts to win 25% off

  • Put our transfer labels/stickers on your products and shoot a video of more than 15 seconds to show the effect of our labels on your products, and share your usage experience in person.

  • Post this video to Facebook or Instagram or Tiktok.

  • @Our official account 

    - FB: @unikportrait

    - Instagram: @unikportriat_official

    - Tiktok: @unikportrait