Return Policy

We promise to deliver the best quality custom products to you in a timely manner.

From time to time things can go wrong and mistakes can happen, which is very upsetting to us and we take it seriously if our product does not meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

If you are not satisfied with your order, please get in touch and let us know. We appreciate feedback from our customers and we are always striving to improve our business operations.

◾ What is covered under our policy?

Our policy covers the aspects of our business that we have direct control over and does not cover the actions of third parties.

◼ Under this policy, we guarantee:

  • To deliver high-quality products in a timely manner.
  • To deliver the product you ordered and the quantity you ordered.
  • To deliver a product that is a close reflection of the artwork you uploaded.

◾ Under what circumstances, we DO NOT accept returns and exchanges.

1. We do not accept refund requests due to express delivery delays. 

As this is fulfilled by third-party couriers. We can only provide you with an estimated delivery date which is a good indication of when you should expect your order, but NOT a guarantee. We cannot provide guarantees for third-party services beyond our control.

2、Once the order is sent, we do NOT accept any request for refund of the shipping cost for any reason!

3. We are not responsible for any delays caused by failure to get your approval, updated files, or other matters that need to be confirmed.

4. We do not accept refunds or free redo requests for problems caused by errors in the information provided by the customer, such as size, color, files, etc.

5. For orders with a quantity less than 2,000 labels, we do not accept refund requests due to color difference issues.

Our transfer labels are not simply printed by inkjet printers, but made by screen printing. So, the ink is artificially modulated.

If the order quantity reach 2,000 labels and customers can provide the Pantone color number, we can customize the spot ink from the ink company to avoid the color difference. Otherwise, this is unavoidable.

Therefore, we do not accept returns/refund requests based on color difference issues.

6. We will not reimburse for the delivery issues as below: 
- If a customer enters an incomplete or incorrect delivery address.
- A delivery that is refused by the recipient or if multiple delivery attempts are made unsuccessfully.
- Lost or stolen packages that have Proof of Delivery.

7. We cannot guarantee that our products can work well on all material surfaces.

Whether plastic, metal, glass, or cloth, there are many, many subdivided types.

Therefore, all case pictures and videos displayed on our official website shall prevail.

If our label cannot be applied to other materials well, it is NOT our product quality issue.

If the material you want to apply is not within the scope shown above, please purchase samples and test by yourself.

◾ Under what circumstances, we accept returns or exchanges.

1. Our promised production time is 5-7 working days (excluding weekends and holidays).

If we have not completed your order within 5-7 working days after getting your approval, you can cancel the order and request a full refund before we ship it out.

🔔 Note: If the label has already been sent, we will not accept return & refund requests.

2. If your order has arrived damaged we will replace it with a reprint of the damaged products. We require a photo to clarify the condition of your order before processing the reprint.

3. You can cancel the order at any time before the proof is approved.

🔔 Note: Once you have approved the proof, we will no longer accept requests for order modification and order cancellation for any reason.

4. If our products have quality issues, we will refund you the full amount or offer a free reprint. We require a photo to clarify the issues with your order and may also ask that you ship back the products to us. We do not reimburse for return shipping costs on the products being returned.

🔔 Note: As mentioned above, for orders with a quantity less than 3,000 labels, color difference is not the quality issue.

◾ Our On-Hold policy:

In the event that we determine that the artwork you have submitted won’t print well, or we need more information from you to print your order, or the order information you submitted is incorrect obviously, we will place that specific item On Hold, and reach out to you via email. We request you to reply to the email with new artwork, approvals, or any responses to process your request as quickly and efficiently as possible.

🔔 Please note that the sooner you reply, the sooner we can arrange production for you.

And the delay of the order caused by your failure to respond in time is not our responsibility.

◾ What is a full refund?

We will refund up to the full amount that was paid to Unikportrait by the customer on any single order, but it does not include bank fees, Paypal fees and other third-party fees. 

Products purchased through third parties (e.g. Living Social, Groupon, or retail stores) cannot be refunded directly by Unikportrait. Please contact the appropriate third party for a resolution.

🔔 Please note that we can only refund the payment to your original Paypal account, and cannot refund to your designated other account, because there is a risk of money laundering, please understand.