Revision Policy

Customer satisfaction is the source of our development, so in order to provide you with 100% satisfactory hand-drawn portraits, we provide the service of unlimited free revisions.
However, in order to improve the revision efficiency and better serve customers, we need to formulate some rules and requirements for the "Unlimited Free Revisions".
Note: "Unlimited revision" does not mean that we can modify the drawing without limit, but an unlimited number of times.
The "Unlimited Free Revisions" service includes:
  • Changes in color and shade
  • Changes in shadow or lighting effects
  • Minor aesthetic improvements to improve the likeness of the portrait, such as fixing the hair, eyebrow thickness, nose size and shape adjustment, lip size and shape adjustment, eye size and shape adjustment, teeth adjustment, acceptable face or body adjustment to reflect actual weight, mustache and beard texture and grooming, and face makeup adjustment etc.
The "Unlimited Free Revisions" service DOES NOT include:
  • Changing the reference photo
  • Shifting the position of your cartoon so as the original reference is useless (example: please make him face to the left/right/forward)
  • Adding any additional elements (like jewelry, eyeglasses, equipment) not part of the original photo
  • Adding any new design elements (like text or a custom background)
Any of the above disallowed revisions will incur some costs. Therefore, in order to avoid any additional costs, please ensure that your requirements are concise and accurate.
I promise to provide the best hand-drawn portrait according to your requirements.