What is the smallest font our 3D transfer labels can produce?

What is the smallest font our 3D transfer labels can produce?

Many clients consult on how small the labels can be and how small the fonts can be printed. Here's the answer - it depends on the type of label due to process limitations.


UV Transfer Labels

UV transfer labels are perfect for small fonts like ingredient lists or instructions. Thanks to the silk screen printing technology used in their production, most small details can be printed and transferred effortlessly onto the labels. However, we still suggest that the smallest font size should be over 1mm in height to ensure readability.


The UV printing process allows for incredibly precise and delicate details to be captured, making UV transfer labels an excellent choice for products that require small text or intricate designs. Whether it's nutritional information, barcodes, or safety warnings, UV transfer labels can reproduce even the finest fonts with remarkable clarity and sharpness.


That said, while we can technically print fonts smaller than 1mm, they may become difficult to read, especially from a distance or in low-light conditions. By keeping the font size above 1mm, you can ensure that the text on your labels remains legible and easy to comprehend for your customers or end-users.


Metal Transfer Labels

Metal labels are electroplated with nickel as the raw material, so they have a higher limitation on font sizes. The smallest font we can produce on metal labels is 2mm in height. However, at this size, we will need to connect the small fonts with an underline to reduce the flaw rate. Additionally, for some small individual parts like the dot on the letter "i", we will need to connect them to the nearby parts. Therefore, we don't recommend metal labels for small fonts.


Another reason why metal labels are not ideal for tiny text is that they need some space for the metal to appear shiny and metallic. Small details won't have a strong metallic hue, which defeats the purpose of using a metal label.


For fonts and individual parts over 3mm in height, there will be no limitation for metal labels. The larger size ensures that the text and graphics can be accurately reproduced with the desired metallic finish and shine.


So while metal labels are fantastic for adding a premium, eye-catching look to your products, it's essential to consider the font size limitations. If you need to include small text or intricate details, UV transfer labels may be a better option to ensure legibility and clarity.


UV DTF Transfer Stickers

UV DTF (Direct Transfer Film) transfer stickers are designed to print colorful gradient colors or photo-like designs. Although they share a similar result to UV transfer labels, they have a different approach when it comes to reproducing small fonts. UV DTF stickers are not as well-suited for printing and transferring very small text.


For UV DTF transfer stickers, we recommend a minimum font height of 2mm. Smaller fonts may not transfer cleanly or maintain their clarity and crispness when printed using this process.


The strength of UV DTF lies in its ability to produce vibrant, full-color designs with smooth gradients and photographic quality. However, this comes at the cost of slightly reduced precision for tiny details like small text compared to traditional UV transfer labels.


Magic Transfer Stickers

Magic transfer stickers are one of our newest 3D transfer label products designed to be used on soft or rough surfaces. We've made them more flexible, allowing them to adhere to a wider range of materials and textures. Similar to UV transfer labels, while we can print fonts in a small size on magic transfer stickers, we suggest maintaining a minimum font height of 2mm.


The reason for this recommendation is that some soft surfaces, like fabrics, may have small gaps or an uneven texture. If the font is too small, there's a possibility that the ink will be transferred to the wrong place, resulting in unclear or distorted text that becomes difficult to read clearly.


While magic transfer stickers offer incredible versatility in application, maintaining a reasonable font size strikes the right balance between design flexibility and practical readability, ensuring your labels look their best and serve their intended purpose effectively.



In conclusion, at UnikPortrait, we understand that font size and legibility are crucial considerations when it comes to producing high-quality 3D transfer labels. While we strive to accommodate a wide range of design requirements, there are certain limitations dictated by the production processes and materials used for each label type.


It's important to remember that these recommendations are not hard rules but rather guidelines based on our extensive experience in the industry. If you have specific design requirements or unique applications in mind, our team of experts is always available to provide personalized advice and find the best solution tailored to your needs.


At the end of the day, our goal is to help you create stunning, functional 3D transfer labels that elevate your products and leave a lasting impression on your customers. By combining our knowledge, expertise, and your vision, we can bring your labeling ideas to life while ensuring practical considerations like font size and legibility are never compromised.

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