How to Make Incredibly Eye-Catching Ingredient Labels with 3D Transfer Labels

Creating ingredient labels that truly grab attention on store shelves while providing complete transparency is a must for any brand. One innovative way to achieve striking labels is by utilizing 3D transfer label technology from the experts at UnikPortrait.


Gather All Necessary Information

Before designing, it's crucial to compile all ingredient sourcing details, relevant label formatting guidelines, and regulatory requirements. This ensures your labels will be fully compliant and provide consumers with the transparency they demand about product contents and quality ingredients.


Design Dimensional Labels with 3D Transfer Labels

Work with design software that allows you to create vivid textur and embossing. UnikPortrait's cutting-edge 3D transfer labels make it easy to render amazingly lifelike three-dimensional elements that leap off the label. Incorporate your brand logos, colors, fonts, and other imagery for a premium branded look.


Logically Organize the Ingredient List

When listing out ingredients, aim for a clear and logical order. Maintain formatting consistency throughout and be sure to accurately detail every single component with precise names for full transparency. Highlight any potential allergens or call out ingredients that meet special dietary needs.


Properly Include Nutritional Data

Displaying complete nutritional information is a must for labels. Carefully analyze the ingredient panel to determine values and follow all guidelines on what to include and how to calculate totals. Consider customizing this section to emphasize high protein, low sugar, or other nutritional selling points.


Print Vibrant 3D Labels

When it comes to printing incredibly detailed ingredient labels with crisp small text, UnikPortrait's UV transfer labels are the ideal 3D transfer label solution. Their advanced UV printing technology allows for incredibly precise rendering of even the finest font sizes and intricate design elements.

The UV transfer labels print with no background, so the text and graphics appear just like they were printed directly on the bottle or container itself. This creates an ultra-premium, seamless look for displaying ingredient lists and other product info.


Apply 3D Transfer Labels with Ease

Applying these dimensional 3D transfer labels is incredibly easy - much like using a traditional flat label. However, UnikPortrait's innovative labels have an added peel-away film layer. After applying the label to your packaging, you simply need to peel away this film to reveal the vibrant raised 3D text and graphics underneath.

Even better, UnikPortrait's state-of-the-art UV transfer labels require zero heat application during this process. The 3D elements are permanently transferred with just a peel, creating that amazing dimensional look adhered right on the product.


Let UnikPortrait's 3D UV Transfer Labels Elevate Your Ingredient Branding

If you're looking to create ingredient labels that truly shine and capture attention with a premium branded look, it's time to experience the magic of UnikPortrait's 3D UV transfer label technology. With incredible dimensional effects, flawless text printing, and a seamless applied look, your labels will appear as vibrant and lifelike as the actual product contents.


Contact our team today to discuss using our cutting-edge 3D UV transfer labels for your ingredient branding and watch as your product packaging becomes an eye-catching showstopper on store shelves. Don't settle for flat, forgettable labels - elevate your ingredient game with UnikPortrait's brilliant 3D solution.

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